Laing O’Rourke offer their help to Springvale

The engineering company Laing O’Rourke has been busy ┬áin Penistone in recent years, building the new Penistone Advanced Learning Centre. The company aims to leave a positive legacy in areas where it has worked and Springvale has been the lucky recipient of advice, materials, and labour from the company.

The front face of the project has been cleared of much of its ugly paving and is ready for a garden to be built. We have also had the benefit of a digger coming onto site to do a lot of the heavy work that is needed. Digging up tree roots and shifting massive stones is a lot easier with something like this…

The digger clearing tree-roots and brambles

It has also been interesting for volunteers and visitors to watch the work progress – especially the work of the digger driver. I never thought I’d use the word ‘elegant’ to describe how a digger is handled but it really was just that!

The company refurbished and decorated the front gate so the view for visitors first approaching Springvale is improving. We also now have some huge piles of topsoil from the former playing field at the school – this is ready to go into new raised beds and help to expand the space we have for growing.

Topsoil delivered to Springvale

Topsoil from the former playing fields at Penistone Advanced Learning Centre

The staff and contractors at the firm have been incredibly helpful with labour and building advice, and we need to say a great big THANKYOU for all they have done for the project.

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